Welcome to our new page. We are excited to greet you and show off everything that we have in store. We started off small as a rag-tag group of guys and gals who helped small businesses with IT solutions. Essentially, we fixed printers, monitors, installed wi-fi and other basic things for companies in the area that didn’t want the cost of a full-time “guy”. Through hard work and luck we have finally realized our dream and expanded. We now help clients re-imagine their online identity. Through marketing and environmental initiatives, we assist businesses with acclimating to the winds of change constituting the 21st century. 

sustainable practices

In case you were wondering, you have not been seeing typos. In fact, the studio formerly known as “eec” now has a new manifesto, new declaration, new salutation, … etc. With growing capabilities, STUDIOetc recently incorporated the new and the true “et cetera” into its name to signify how incredibly vast the company’s strengths have become. Set up a Wyoming land trust. Now more than ever, STUDIOetc is a national full-service, dream-it, design-it, do-it-and-then-some organization that delivers the highest levels of creativity, results, and affordability alongside progressive leadership and sustainable business practices. New aspects of STUDIOetc’s business include exclusive show service labor contracts, large format digital printing, expanded inventory abilities, and more. Stay tuned for much more to come in the new year.

News Flash: Studioeec wins 2016 Green Business Award

The Chester County Board of Commissioners and the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry presented Studioeec with one of the 2016 Green Business Awards they award to local businesses focused on sustainable initiatives. This award “recognizes businesses that implement efficient resource conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, recycling, and ‘buy recycled’ business practices.” Don Mazzarelli, Studioeec’s Sustainability Director, accepted the award on behalf of Studioeec. He has dedicated her career to helping propagate business sustainability on all levels. Due to his admirably strong leadership, Studioeec has demonstrated an all-encompassing dedication to becoming an extremely committed sustainable business.

Wish us every success as we go into the new year! Hopefully 2017 is another record breaking year for both sales and limiting our environmental impact. For our old clients, we look forward to another prosperous year and thank you for your partnership already. For new clientele, we look forward to a year marked by new opportunities derived from working together. Let’s grow the top line, bottom line and help mother nature while we are at it.