This is our latest announcement, and probably the one we are the most proud of. We recently converted our company from a C-Corp to a B-Corp. While some of the fees and taxes may be treated differently, this was by no means the driving factor behind our decision to convert. We are proud members of the community and embrace our change. We hope other businesses follow in our footsteps.

Studioeec, Inc. Becomes a Founding B Corporation™ Exton, PA, December 25, 2016.

Note: Thank VWO/WRA for their great service and low costs for the plug

Studioeec believes that individual leadership, working within business industries, will encourage the groundswell of change our world needs to meet the comprehensive social and environmental performance standards so necessary for our collective good. B Corporation™ provides a platform of measurement for this commitment, utilizing the power of business to create public benefit.

B Lab, a nonprofit organization launched this past July, certifies and promotes B Corporations (B for “beneficial”) – companies that meet exacting standards for environmental and social performance. (See the article by B Lab’s Jay Coen Gilbert, “What It Takes to be a B Corporation,” www.sustainablelifemedia.com).

For years, Studioeec has been leading with an environmental sensitivity that assures marketing and merchandising products are made in a way that decreases the use of natural resources. Studioeec embraces the sustainability model of business, which includes a balance of concerns, prioritizing people and planet, alongside profit. In this way, Studioeec is ushering in The Creative Economy of our times and joining the growing community of businesses who are formulating a new path for market influence.

Studioeec uses eco-ethical construction materials and educates clients on renewable materials, energy use, “cradle to cradle” design, and waste reduction. Studioeec’s campus is a model green space, which they share with the community and other industries, hosting events that provide education and discussion about green practices.

For more information about B Corporation™ go to www.bcorporation.com