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Studioeec Sponsors Green Valleys Association ENVIROFEST
Studioeec, in its efforts to be active in the local community, has again participated as a sponsor for the Green Valleys Association ENVIROFEST. ENVIROFEST is a local event that serves as a unique opportunity to educate and advocate environmentally conscious ways to live. This family-fun event offers advice, information, and programs on how we can minimize our individual impact on the environment every day by creating less pollution and reducing our energy consumption. The festival is held at the Green Valleys Association’s 197 acre educational center and is free to the public. For more information on ENVIROFEST:
Studioeec in Footwear Plus’ 2nd Annual Going Greener Issue
Studioeec was featured in the footwear industry’s only magazine solely dedicated to sustainable practices, Footwear Plus’ 2nd annual Going Greener issue. Studioeec once again expressed its commitment to eco-awareness by participating in the issue. Studioeec makes sustainable products and practices accessible to retailers nationwide through store, fixturing, and merchandising design. 
Studioeec presents “Brand as a Living Project™”
As an active member of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce (ERC), Studioeec frequently participates in sessions for local business people. On February 7, Dawn Mazzone, Director of Sustainability at Studioeec, presented “Brand as a Living Project™” at an ERC Marketing Session. For more information on events available through ERC, Click Here:
Studioeec honored with Green Power Award from PennFuture
Studioeec received the prestigious platinum business award from PennFuture and friends at their 8th Annual Green Power Awards Luncheon. This event was held to celebrate the people, businesses, and institutions that are creating the standard for progress towards cleaner air and a healthier, more ecologically concerned Pennsylvania. Thirty-three awards were given to honor those in the area who utilize the thriving renewable energy market. Since 2004, Studioeec has been purchasing 100% renewable energy through the Energy Cooperative of Philadelphia. This includes utilizing solar, wind, and methane gas energy sources.
Sustainability, Graphic Arts, and Beyond
Studioeec has partnered with a local print company, Bentley Graphic Communications, Pottstown, PA to provide sustainabley-focused green options. On October 4, Studioeec presented a fun and educational overview of sustainable ideas as part of an open house event held at Bentley.
Learn more about our outreach here and our marketing. 

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