Successful Marketing & Name Protection

There are several basic requirements for successfully marketing your business:

Understanding the market segments in which your corporation will be successful, ensuring that your corporation, as well as the products and services it provides, are attractive in your targeted market segments, making the markets aware of your offerings (sales) and protecting the brand identity.  Check out our community outreach projects here.

Since you understand your business, or proposed business, better than anyone, you should carry out the first of the above requirements yourself. However, EEC can assist in the second area, thus giving you more time to ensure success in the critical area of segmenting your market.

EEC can help you in several ways:

with professionally designed business cards and other business stationery to create a positive image to help your corporation in the marketplace. Alternatively, we can help you design your own stationery.

We can help you enhance traditional marketing techniques with CyberMarketing techniques by creating a domain Name web site for your business. Although this approach is not appropriate for all types of businesses, it does provide a cost-effective approach to advertising in many cases. We also offer a ebiz-page, at no cost to our NUANS clients for two years.

Working with clients in our community and across the country, our designers and fabrication teams provide extensive experience in building with the newest in technologies, products, and methods. Creative is designed and prototyped at our Design Ccenter just west of Philadelphia. Our client support services are located in Las Vegas, NV; Atlanta, GA; Grand Rapids, MI; and the Greater Philadelphia area. This allows flexibility to answer calls whenever clients need.

Your Corporate Name can impact Your Marketing Success

Corporate names often consist of a distinctive portion and a descriptive portion. If you are incorporating Federally, it is frequently necessary to adhere to this format for your proposed name to be accepted by the government. If you are incorporating in Wyoming, conformance is not as important. However, from a marketing perspective, it may be desirable to have both a distinctive and a descriptive portion in your corporate name.

The name of a business that is incorporated must end with a legal element consisting of Corporation, Incorporated or Limited, or the corresponding short forms Corp., Inc. or Ltd. The name of a business that is registered, rather than incorporated, cannot use these terms.

Government regulations require that the name of your corporation be unique, and not confusing with any of the six million names in the EDGAR database.

Although adhering to government regulations is clearly important, the real reason for creating a distinctive corporate name is that it does affect the success of your business.

There are important benefits to protecting your business names, including your corporate name and your domain name. These include:

reducing the probability of some other business forcing you to change your corporate name after your business has become established;

reducing the probability of another business, which started after your business, from retaining a name which is confusing with your name.

The degree to which you should be concerned with protecting your corporate name depends on factors such as the degree of distinctiveness of your name, your marketing program and your expansion plans.

Let us know exactly what you have in mind and we would love to design a tailor package just for you. Our clients range from small to medium sized businesses needing to reimagine their online identity. We will help you develop a product, learn how to market it and protect your brand. All while promoting the environment. Newest post here and learn here how to incorporate.